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Consumers are often not aware that they have such powerful rights.  Part of consumer advocacy also includes consumer education.

Lawsuit Filed Against Grindr Dating App:

By Brenda Craig, LawyersAndSettlements.com.

Junk Debt:

How the open market for delinquent debts leads ato lawsuits and wage garnishments. By Colin Rigley, New Times SLO, Cover Story.

Real World Credit Repair for Real People:

Interview with Mike Turnquist of 7th Level Real Estate.

Wall Street Business Network, AM 1220 KDOW:

Anything & Everything Credit Bureaus and Consumer Rights.

Real Estate Radio, AM 1220 KDOW:

Consumer Rights, Credit Questions & Identity Theft.

BRG Class Action Litigation Conference :

Facebook v. Duguid and Beyond: What Changes 2021 May Bring to the TCPA Landscape

KLAS-TV Interview:

Kazerouni Law Group, APC Class Action Against Manny Pacquiao; and, Pacquiao’s Promoters.

Dating App’s Premium Package Has Unfair Cancellation Process:

By Brenda Craig, LawyersAndSettlements.com.

Central Coast Paralegal Association :

Ethics of Social Media Presentation

California Polytechnic State University :

Multiple presentations to pre-law majors
Guest Lecturer for Legal Responsibilities Course

University of California, Irvine :

Presentation to pre-law majors regarding careers in law

Real Estate Radio :

Multiple appearances regarding credit reporting

San Luis Obispo County Drug & Alcohol Services :

Why Credit Matters

Morro Bay High School :

Guest Lecturer for AP English Class

88th Annual California State Bar Association Meeting :

Debt Collection in the Age of Technology and the CFPB

National Association of Consumer Advocates :

Member of eCourse Development team regarding debt defense course

National Consumer Law Center’s Annual Convention :

Multiple presentations regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act

University of Palo Alto :

Identity Theft: We are all at risk

Consumer Attorneys of California’s 12th Annual Class Action and Mass Torts Seminar :

Interviewed as “industry expert” regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

State Bar of California :


Various presentations including: “Ethical Conundrums in Debt Collection”; “Is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act dead? Implications of the United States Supreme Court’s Decision in Henson v. Santander Consumer USA Inc.”; “Introduction to California’s Fair Debt Buying Practices Act.”

San Luis Obispo College of Law 

Contracts Professor for first year law students

New Times Cover Story :

Junk Debt: How the Open Market for Delinquent Debts Leads to Lawsuits and Wage Garnishments.

SLO Law Line :

Former Supervising Attorney.

Morro Bay High School :

Guest Lecturer for AP English Class.

American Bar Association :

“Hot Topics with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act”; and, “ACA International v. FCC – 10 Weeks Later”

University of Santa Barbara :

Speaker for Financial Literacy Month

Collector.live :

Hello From the Other Side: An Open Discussion with Consumer Counsel

National Association of Consumer Advocates :

Member of eCourse Development team regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act course

AccountsRecovery.net :

F for Constitutionality? An Examination of the First Amendment’s Application to the FDCPA

Class Action and Money Conference :

An Introduction to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Horrific Post Short Sale & Foreclosure Collection Practices:

Interview with Mike Turnquist of 7th Level Real Estate regarding the January 21, 2016 California Supreme Court decision of Coker v. JPMorgan Chase.

Consumer Financial Services Committee of the State Bar of California :

Co-Chair of Programming and moderator for various presentations including “Introduction to the Fair Credit Reporting Act”; Recent Advances in California Invasion of Privacy Act”; “$100,000,000.00 Lesson: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Action against Wells Fargo”; and, “Recent Advances in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.”

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